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Meet BLI Canada

Published on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In this article we have interviewed Naoko Toyama from BLI Montreal who will be giving us further information about this Education Institution in Montreal, Canada.


How long has BLI been around for and where are you based? 

BLI has been around since 1976 and we are based in Montreal and Quebec City in Canada.


What would you say are your unique selling points? -

  1. We use Communicative Approach in all our courses.
  2. Our teacher-student relationship is close and the learning environment is dynamic and encouraging.
  3. We are a dedicated team of staff and teachers. We offer personalized services to our students to make sure that they can have the best learning experience!


Who do you cater for?

Juniors, adults, and groups. We have students mainly from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, China and Japan. We have some students from Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, etc), North America and Australia but we would like to have more students from those parts of the world!


Which are your most popular courses?

General English/French, IELTS preparation and TEFAQ preparation.


Why should our agents contact you?

We do our best to accommodate our agents' requests and needs. We offer professional yet flexible services. Our dedicated team takes very good care of their students!


Which markets are you mainly interested in?

We are mainly interested in European and North American markets.

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