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15 years of Hispania Escuela de Espanol

Published on Saturday, July 1, 2017

In the Natural Park Albufera, just a few kilometers from the city of Valencia. Partners, current and former students, the staff and friends of Hispania, escuela de español have met in a beautiful setting to celebrate 15 years of Hispania, of learning, laughing, friendship and partnership.


"15 years, Hispania,“ the co-founder and CEO Victoria Sanahuja Gimeno begins the opening speech. „It seems as if you were born only yesterday. You were created by two unresting hearts, wanting to unite the world and share their knowledge. The project was the following: to create a school that, through the study of linguistics and culture, would make the people a little happier. And I think you succeeded, Hispania.


Your story is a passionate one, you started your life in a cute little school with only two classroooms, do you rembember? And we needed only one. Little by little Valencia was getting to know you and liked you from the very first moment. But don't think that this was because of the two hearts who created you. You had at your side, at our side, a family whose support has always been unconditional, altruistic and loving.


The years were passing and you were growing, and with you all these wonderful people who wanted to be at your side. This family has evolved with you, towards the love for the world, for all the diffferent cultures. Today you are already a little lady who receives more than 2500 students per year, and who has an amazing team and the best partners that you could ever have imagined.


Yes, Hispania, you have to say „thank you“, because you have a fantastic team, where every single one is fundamental to make you shine. You have to say „thank you“, because more and more agencies and partners want to be at your side and have your presence in their life. And you have to say „thank you“, because you are full of students who adore you and who will always carry a piece of you with them, say „thank you“, because you are already part of the memories of so many wonderful people, who have lived you and still live you.


These fifteen years, Hispania, are only the beginning and today is the day to celebrate. Get the party started!“



After a yinkana for this special occasion, delicious tapas, a spontaneous speech and a serenade from  students, as well as a birthday cake the valencian way with horchata and fartons, a beautiful celebration was finally concluded with music and dancing.


Hispania, escuela de español says „thank you“, for all your support and inspiration in so many different ways.


Hispania, many happy returns!

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